─Finistère 360.

Activation of diaspora communities, inhabitants, ambassadors from Finistère and the general public in France, based on sea themes and good food in Finistère.


Strategy and guiding F360, the attractiveness  agency.

Our goal is to constantly talk about and activate the relationship that inhabitants, local communities and visitors have with the region, with authenticity and relevance, using engaging communication and specific marketing activations.

The #ToutCommenceEnFinistere brand embodies the region, its inhabitants, and its economic, cultural and social activities. Finistère now engages on themes related to maritime identity and enjoying good food. The subjects are punctuated by the seasons, 12 monthly experiences at a variety of hotspots with the deployment of a broad range of content (social media, Internet site, media) and exclusive offers, special operations (shop owners, events, influencers, ambassadors).

We offer guidance to the F360 teams by managing strategic and editorial advice, the production of rich content (stories, videos, monthly activations, ideas), the management of media purchases (reputation, engagement), the implementation of special operations, showcasing, promotion and activation of UGC influencers and ambassadors, help with the management of Finistère ambassador and resident networks (exclusive offers).

─Ready to begin?

Our team of marketing and digital activation consultants, social media managers, community managers, designers, and video producers likes to commit to long-term projects to lead the development of community strategies.