─Tommee Tippee.

International social media brand management and content creation and community management in France and Belgium.


The ​Mayborn​ group, which owns Tommee Tippee® and Sangenic® brands, is present in 70 countries and is one of the world leaders of the child-care market. The marketing team wished to develop its international parent communities consistently. Social media plays an important role in parent recommendations. “Digital mums” turn naturally to their communities online to share advice and experiences. Entrecom Social worked with the international marketing team for 5 years. After a first year of tests and creating new brand content dedicated to social media on the European continent, the content creation and management programme was extended to 25 countries as part of an annual programme.

The role of the agency was to come up with and produce highly creative brand content and then to share it with all the teams in each country. We contributed to identifying themes, copywriting, visual design, GIF production, short videos, motions, etc. in English. Every month, a precise analysis of each country’s content performance guided future creations.

Within three years, the volume of the international communities increased by 5, while maintaining quality engagement in keeping with the brand values. In 2018, Tommee Tippee had just over 1.2 million followers.

Entrecom Social created a little over 500 different types of brand content focusing on the daily lives of young parents and product use. Through the use of content sharing tools and specific processes local teams could access the content and embrace it.

We also worked on community management in France and Belgium in two languages: live tweets and Twitter parties, monthly planning, integrating data in Analytics and monthly reports of the actions carried out.

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Our team of marketing and digital activation consultants, social media managers, community managers, designers, and video producers likes to commit to long-term projects to lead the development of community strategies.