Social networks abroad: a multi-local approach?

Implementing a strategy of social networks presence abroad is an exciting challenge. Depending on the environment and objectives of each company, the strategy must arrange with the will of galvanize brand content globally while adapting to national markets. The involvement of teams, organization, time is not the same as we choose to place a unique and centralized international presence or opting for a strategy combining global and local. There is no simple recipe; the process is based on the principle of testing and learning.

The choice of social networks and management teams

Grind the numbers and they will tell you everything and their opposite. However, it is generally accepted that social platforms managed globally drain a wider audience for a lower average commitment to the communities managed locally. The advantage of single deployment lies in the simplicity of the operation. The internal and external organization is reduced to central teams. Validation circuits are direct, leaving for variable the language choice and the quality of brand content creation.

This choice is relevant when we want to develop the brand internationally with a relatively low budget, when the company does not have a local sales teams or when the reputation of the brand transcends cultural differences. In the context of social media campaigns deployed internationally, start-up services like – partner of our The Box Network Europe network – are perfectly suited. helps international brands to engage the most influential and the most advanced Instagramers of the planet.

However, if the purpose of the social media presence is to be a real sales support, management of social networks at the local level is needed. This procedure will:

  • Reduce the language barrier. In Asia and Europe, the diversity of languages ​​and cultures is a fact. In Asia, for example, there are over 2,000 languages ​​and even more so to speak.
  • Understanding cultural differences and offer content in affinity with the habits and people discussions.
  • Investing on good social platforms with appropriate content. The choice of social media platforms adapts countries, budgets and willingness of the brand.
  • Meet the specific needs of marketing in each country (special operations, tests, sales promotion and marketing, link to local places of sale).
  • Address issues of time zones, legislation, response time and service.

organisation internationaleHow to put it into action?


  • Develop common tools, a common vision
  • Implementation of listening and multilingual management tools, shared by all internal and external international teams.
  • Creation of evolutionary « guidelines » easily accessible, that recall values, internal warning systems in case of crisis, positioning of the brand content, good practices.
  • Training of internal and external teams.


Define the local response, responsibilities, circuits, budgets


The cursor of the global / local procedure is initiated by each company. Whatever is your choice, cgo&co adapts to the needs of each company. It is important to define in advance the responsibilities, to develop branded content shareable by all countries with local specific content to local marketing requirements. It should also hold responsibility for the relationship with communities, influencers; define the degree of autonomy of each team, the objectives, implementing active listening. Some companies choose a centralized management rather mixed with eg Facebook pages merged. Others opt for a wider local responsibility, while delivering global content used according to individual needs. Active partner and founder member of The Box Network Europe, cgoandco agency relies on this network of independent agencies to support its international clients.