A wide range of services to activate communities and your customer, employee and partner relationships.


Sponsoring, recruitment and programming

Optimizing message visibility, recruitment of targeted communities, managing competitions and commercial promotions, local mobile digital display, etc.

Strategic advice

Overview of the brand or company relationship with its public in its environment. Positioning and activation of various platforms in keeping with annual goals.

Operational advice

Organization of teams, production, management tools, design of conversational style guides for effective communication and acculturation of your in-house teams.

Influencer relations, ambassador programmes

Tailor-made and co-built programmes, mixing experiences and meetings, digital platforms, engagement campaigns on a selected public.

Data and creativity

Analysis of existing communities on specific topics, reputation analysis in France and abroad. Identifying the habits of your targets, adapting the tone, competitive assessment.

E-reputation – consumer opinions

Management and identification of crises emerging from communities. Digital recommendation, advocacy and coherence of your messages on customer opinion platforms contribute to your e-reputation.

Social media friendly creative content

Shared production and content designed to engage, stories, live videos, shared templates, rich media formats, GIFs, computer graphics, motion design, podcasts, etc.

Guiding transformation through community activation

Activating the company’s digital communities to develop employee advocacy, employer branding, guiding transformation, new forms of working together.

Consultancy & strategy

Annual activation solutions

We look for consistency and brand values, content creativity and solutions connected with other digital platforms and marketing actions to create effective feeds with a positive impact.

The challenge with conversation data is to achieve relevance to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Human intelligence makes the data relevant and meaningful for the creation of campaigns that fuel interactions between brands and their customers. Building a strategy underlined by the analysis of conversation data and tracking transforms and permeates the organization.

Our goal is to build brand reputation and 360-relationship development projects in a long-term relationship with our clients: e-commerce, retail networks, B2B sales networks, in France and abroad. Each company has a unique identity and organization, and we provide the solutions to match.

Activation of local communities

Retail and franchised networks

Sales and customer relations are enhanced in new spheres of development, such as e-commerce, social media, and very soon a completely new in-store experience with the emergence of virtual communities and various IoT systems.

Building a personalized, inspiring, sociable relationship involves the inclusion of physical networks and digital activations in the overall strategy and the brand image.

The omni-channel approach to the point of sale also requires the development of all the experience points including the local communities.

Entrecom Social organizes and coordinates solutions that manage local and global communities ensuring brand consistency and running promotional campaigns.

Social brand content

Content activating engagement

Each brand identity leads to a creative content strategy in keeping with each community. We work on the content structure and activation, identifying themes, supervising editorial committees, organizing and coordinating feeds, as well as planning and graphic design for multi-format production: creative writing, photos, illustrations, videos, motions, and GIFs, podcasts, banners, etc.

The accuracy, relevance and quality of our creations on various networks results from analysing conversation data, our knowledge of business sectors and customer relations combined with a certain amount of creative control. We develop content based on various performance criteria to engage communities.

Leading transformation

Communities enhancing teamwork

Similar to society, the business world is living a dramatic transformation of its professions and relationships: acceleration, personalization, required societal and environmental values, transparency versus “data privacy”, customer conversation dynamics, disruptive technology, new work relationships, etc. Storytelling is no longer enough. You are required to provide constant proof in a completely transparent manner – the notorious “walk the talk”. This proof involves every area of the company’s business and the professions of its employees. Everything is connected, from how people work together to external relationship with customers and partners. That is why we assist you with this transformation by building vibrant internal communities capable of thinking about, reacting to and standing up for the values needed for innovation and the disruption of models.

Engagement and influence

Regular and consistent activation

Managing communities leads to real engagement and participation challenges depending on marketing calendars and customer relations solutions. We come up with regular engagement actions that are consistent with the values and goals of each brand & company. Bringing internal or external profiles on board for the promotion of these campaigns is now essential to achieve a more personal authentic and visible tone. Thanks to our management tools, we identify “influencer” profiles among the communities closest to the targets and then we manage recruitment, relations and campaign measurement. We also work on micro-and nano-influence issues to relate as closely as possible to the values of each brand.

Customer relations and reputation

Online relationships

Integrating customer relations in social media is one of the primary reasons for a brand presence: “social CRMs” are developing as quickly as uses.

By taking over a company’s community management, Entrecom Social sets up a controlled organization that adapts to the customer relation management in keeping with each company’s requirements. It involves work to gain extensive knowledge of the products and services, learn how the company works, and find out the management tools required.

─Ready to begin?

We work with our clients on the long term, implementing a solution suited to the internal organization of each structure, but also for specific campaigns or consultancy jobs.