Annual activation strategy for the brand’s communities and stores to develop its reputation and improve customer relations.


Promotions, showcasing of products depending on  the seasons, enriched brand content, sponsorship and managing relations with restaurants and  franchises. 

Cash&Carry subsidiary of the Carrefour Group, Promocash has over 140 retail outlets on- and off-line for catering professionals and local food stores.

Entrecom Social is in charge of managing Promocash’s customer communities on social media, nationally and locally. Activation through a local Facebook page offers accurate targeting and reaches customers and prospects in the retail outlets catchment area.

Every year since 2018, we organize a big competition showcasing the expertise of Promocash customers.

In 2019, we highlighted monochrome food with the #Foodecouleur competition. Catering professionals, students in hotel and catering schools submitted their creations over a period of several weeks. After selection by a panel of judges, the finalists compete in a “battle”, creating their own dish live.

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Our team of marketing and digital activation consultants, social media managers, community managers, designers, and video producers likes to commit to long-term projects to lead the development of community strategies.