Our highly experienced staff have a combination of three core skills: brand and corporate culture, marketing and advertising culture, and digital culture. The community spirit is in our blood and can be seen in the way we relate to our clients and co-creators.

─Our team.

Dynamic & Passionate

Emilie Desjardins
Alexis Szlaga
Claire Goyat
Axelle Leycuras
Coline Bouteloup
Laëtitia Verdier
Karine Painblanc
Melissa Brault
Florine Berteau
Timothée de Brunier

A 360 communication team focused on useful conversations

Our social media activation is particularly effective thanks to the support of a team of talented designers, video producers, communication consultants, strategic planners, and the general services of Entrecom Paris. In all, thirty skilled members of staff are spread between Paris and Nantes.

An international environment

Entrecom Social contributed to the creation of the ​Box Network Europe​ in 2011. This network combines independent creative digital agencies developing significantly in social media marketing strategies. From Warsaw to Barcelona, taking in Berlin, Vienna and Milan, these teams get to the heart of the issues facing our advertising clients. We aim to share knowledges and experience, working as a team on shared campaigns in multiple countries, and to maintain an open inquisitive international outlook.

─You, us.

The Entrecom Social Agency

We co-build with our clients in marketing, managerial and technological transformation contexts.


A sounding board for new talent!

We regularly have new opportunities for experienced digital and social media profiles. Contact us on our social channels, we love to discuss with passionate professionals. 

Interested in discovering the Community management, searching trending digital campaigns and solutions,  working with a team of experts,… Send us your resume !

We work on digital campaign strategies and creation that need all kind of talents and technical partners. Do not hesitate do contact us : social@entrecom.com

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If you are currently considering or have reached maturity in community and conversational activation, we would be happy to hear from you.