Hula Hoop Nantes

Your internal and external communities are central to your strategic development. Invest in new forms of communication and collaboration at all levels.

─Our services.

Consultancy and strategy

The analyses we have carried out using market awareness tools broaden the way we think about your brand, from the integration of conversations in development strategies to the identification of the players involved based on specific themes.

Creative content and community activation

Relevance, creativity, sensitivity and striking a chord are necessary for community engagement. Content is central to the quality of the relations you have with your audience.

Ambassador and influencer programmes

Engage with the communities that relate to your brand and your company! We will help you identify and measure the quality of the results of your ambassador activation and influencer campaigns.

Acquisition and performance

Management of sponsorships, targeted recruitment of communities for maximum content performance. Development of digital campaigns perfectly adapted to your customers and prospects.

Community strategies for brands and companies

Hula Hoop Nantes is specializing in community activation strategy and social media campaign solutions. Working independently, it develops strategic planning and situation analysis, activating communities through creative content and engaging campaign solutions. The agency also assists companies with managing employee communities when extensive transformations are being made and new work methods being implemented.

─Our portfolio.

Corporate groups and innovative teams

─Activate your communities.

Useful conversations

  • Strategic advice
  • Study of conversations
  • Rich content creation
  • Community management, reputation, customer service
  • Sponsoring, digital media buying
  • Activation campaigns and gaming
  • Activation of employee communities, ambassadors
  • Influencer programmes

─Ready to begin?

Our team of marketing and digital activation consultants, social media managers, community managers, designers, and video producers likes to commit to long-term projects to lead the development of community strategies.